Dienstag, 6. August 2013

Existence is an illusion

Existence is an illusion. Everything we think, say or do is futile, and at some point we are going to die anyway. Since time is relative and subjective, it doesn't even matter if we are alive now or 1.000 years in the past or the future. "The present" will always be "the present" - OUR present will be the past just like the 1.000-years-in-the-past-present IS the past now, and the 1.000-years-in-the-future-present WILL BE the past.

If you think about this, our whole existence is unreal. YESTERDAY is already ERASED and TODAY will be erased TOMORROW.

Every second vanishes into oblivion.

The Veda knew it thousands of years ago: We live in a dream. I would add: We live in a nightmare...


  1. Well all this antinatalism blogging seems a bit silly then, huh? Not that either of us will stop ;)

    1. Agreed, but additionally: LIFE seems a bit silly then, huh? And procreation is the very definition of SILLY then, huh. Which leads back to antinatalism...

  2. Antworten
    1. Actually: I ordered a book of him a couple of days ago.

    2. His 'Meditations' is an absolute classic.